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Being stronger, wiser and more vulnerable at the same time

A few years ago I seriously hit a wall and life gave me an opportunity to transform. The trials along my journey taught me how to «lose my mind» and let go of what I previously believed was my life. I changed the pictures I had in my head, changed the words I kept saying to myself, and chose to go for the unknown! I learned to transform the grief that I carried and trained myself to confront my dragons. That’s how I gradually learned to visualize, emotionalize and realize my deepest desires.

As a coach for other people through the past 18 years with a higher university degree and more than 5000 coaching sessions as a professional coach, I found myself in the most educating position I ever could have hold. I took my own medicine, and fortune favors the brave! My reward is a new reality of peace where beautiful changes keeps coming! 🙏 Now I can share and create from a new place, and give back the elixir that I found. Looking forward to meeting my current and new clients this fall and contribute for the common good!


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