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Grow benefits from introspection

Long time ago as a little kid I had the kids’ natural habit of introspection. I used to stop and calm down and concentrate. Concentrate on going away into a state of no others. Looking for some kind of adventure. It seemed like me. You know what that’s like – being just you. What I found in there was remarkable stuff, and not so remarkable stuff. My habit might have attracted me because of the vivid daydreams I found in there. And it definitely was a radical way of escaping my older brothers and sisters. Still one of my favourite habits is to turn to this place and look for insight, change and peace.

Anyone can find this place, but it takes a willingness for introvert activities, and it’s an advantage to have the ability to be carried away for no reason. I do this alone and together with other people.

As a coach for other people I have noticed a few beautiful things. What I see in people who like this habit is their ability to experience depth. They are often affectionate end engaged about exploration and adventures. They are often enduring and have strong ability to stay present with comfort. They also have this great ability to notice shades that other people overlook. It’s like they are more able to see nuanced. This might be why many of them are skilled decisionmakers. They simply make qualified choices. And somehow, they are able to be independent and teach themselves what they need to learn. They don’t run after you to look for answers they don’t know. They turn to themselves and try to teach themselves first. If they are social oriented, they have this beautiful gift to observe and catch other people’s complexity, which often goes together with the capacity to build authentic relations and stay connected.

People ask me: “Where is this place?”. “How is it like, and how do I get there?”.

We don’t have adequate language to describe this place. What we can experience or know directly in there, may be much more important than our ability to explain the place. Some say it’s empty in there. I don’t find it empty. I find it rich. If you love the profound, low-key and mellow, it’s a place for you to go. If you like adventures and get a kick out of exploring new things, it’s a place for you to go. If you’re not familiar to listen to your own breath, going there might be scary. You might find it uncomfortable, strenuous and exhausting. But that’s just because you’re not fit yet.

Most of my clients start practicing this habit and find that knowing themselves is the beginning of all wisdom in their leadership. All I can do is to open the door of benefits and invite you to step over the threshold and start to explore the unknown. I wish you an extraordinary journey.


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